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Sub Cases

Sub Cases

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Sub Cases is a new range of hard plastic cases for those applications when you need your case to offer you greater protection for your valuable equipment.

Made from polypropylene the Sub cases are very durable, high impact resistant, IP 67 (waterproof and dust proof), UV stabilised comparatively lightweight cases.

The IP 67 rating can be a critical feature for protecting your gear when working close to or on the water or in harsh outback conditions. Each case is filled with easy-cut foam sheets with egg shell foam lining in the lid.

Of course, the Sub case range would be especially suitable for custom foam fitouts cut and supplied to your requirements by the DQ design team using our CNC machine.

SU S190-1213

Utility Hard Case (193 x 127 x 135mmID)

SU S220-1609

Utility Hard Case (224 x 162 x 96mmID)

SU S230-1815

Utility Hard Case (243 x 182 x 157mmID)

SU S260-1722

Utility Hard Case (265 x 171 x 223mmID)

SU S270-2012

Utility Hard Case (280 x 200 x 122mmID)

SU S330-3517

Utility Hard Case (334 x 347 x 168mmID) – Indent only

SU S440-3412

Utility Hard Case (448 x 345 x 121mmID)

SU S520-2719

Utility Hard Case (521 x 278 x 191mmID)

SU S170-1305

Utility Hard Case 171x134x47mmID

SU S540-4025

Utility Hard Case (540 x 402 x 250mmID)

SU S380-2718

Utility Hard Case (380 x 271 x 178mmID)

SU S580-4433

Utility Hard Case (584 x 442 x 329mmID)

SU S760-4830

Utility Hard Case (763 x 483 x 302mmID)

SU S440-3418

Utility Hard Case (448 x 345 x 186mmID)

SU S520-2717

Utility Hard Case (526 x 275 x 169mmID) – Indent only