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F14 Tiny Truss

F14 Tiny Truss

F14 Linear Tiny Truss Lengths

GT F14L3003.0m4.5kg
GT F14L2502.5m3.7kg
GT F14L2002.0m3.0kg
GT F14L1501.5m2.3kg
GT F14L1001.0m1.5kg
GT F14L0500.5m0.8kg
GT F14L0300.3m0.5kg

F14 Radial Truss Standard Sizes

GT F14R100-901.0mR (2.0mØ) 90°
GT F14R150-901.5mR (3.0mØ) 90°
GT F14R200-452.0mR (4.0mØ) 45°

GT F14R200-45

F14 Square 2.0m R (4.0mØ) 45° Radial Truss (8 per Circle)

GT F14R150-90

F14 Square 1.5m R (3.0mØ) 90° Radial Truss (4 per Circle)

GT F14R100-90

F14 Square 1.0m R (2.0mØ) 90° Radial Truss (4 per Circle)

GT F14R050-180

F14 Square 0.5m R (1.0mØ) 180° Radial Truss (2 per Circle)

GT F14L300

weight 4.5kg

F14 Square 3.0m Linear Truss

GT F14L250

weight 3.7kg

F14 Square 2.5m Linear Truss

GT F14L200

weight 3kg

F14 Square 2.0m Linear Truss

GT F14L150

weight 2.3kg

F14 Square 1.5m Linear Truss

GT F14L100

weight 1.5kg

F14 Square 1.0m Linear Truss

GT F14L050

weight 0.8kg

F14 Square 0.5m Linear Truss

GT F14L030

weight 0.5kg

F14 Square 0.3m Linear Truss


weight 0.38kg

F14 6 Way Cube Junction with Connectors for 2 Faces

GT BP-F14A11

weight 0.2kg

F14 115x115x5mm Square Aluminium Base Plate