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F104 Square Truss

F104 Square Truss

F104 Square Truss Linear Lengths

GT F104L3003.0m71.3kg
GT F104L2002.0m50.5kg
GT F104L1001.0m29.7kg
GT F104L0500.5m19.3kg

F104 Certified Load Ratings

Maximum CPL
Maximum distributed load
2m12,567 kg0mm6,279 kg/m0mm
3m12,532 kg1mm4,179 kg/m1mm
4m11,461 kg2mm3,119 kg/m2mm
5m9,153 kg4mm2,487 kg/m3mm
6m7,611 kg5mm2,069 kg/m5mm
7m6,508 kg7mm1,774 kg/m9mm
8m5,678 kg9mm1,420 kg/m12mm
9m5,030 kg12mm1,118 kg/m15mm
10m4,511 kg15mm902 kg/m19mm
11m4,084 kg18mm743 kg/m22mm
12m3,727 kg22m621 kg/m27mm
13m3,423 kg25mm527 kg/m31mm
14m3,161 kg29mm452 kg/m36mm
15m2,934 kg34mm391 kg/m42mm
16m2,733 kg39mm342 kg/m48mm
17m2,555 kg44mm301 kg/m54mm
18m2,396 kg49mm266 kg/m61mm
19m2,253 kg55mm237 kg/m68mm
20m2,123 kg61mm212 kg/m75mm
21m2,005 kg68mm191 kg/m83mm
22m1,897 kg75mm172 kg/m91mm
23m1,797 kg82mm156 kg/m100mm
24m1,705 kg90mm142 kg/m109mm
25m1,619 kg98mm130 kg/m119mm
26m1,540 kg107mm119 kg/m129mm
27m1,466 kg116mm109 kg/m139mm
28m1,396 kg125mm100 kg/m150mm
28m1,331 kg135mm92 kg/m162mm
30m1,269 kg146mm85 kg/m174mm
31m1,211 kg156mm78 kg/m185mm
32m1,155 kg168mm72 kg/m197mm
33m1,103 kg179mm67 kg/m211mm
34m1,053 kg192mm62 kg/m225mm
35m1,006 kg204mm58 kg/m240mm
36m961 kg218mm53 kg/m252mm
37m917 kg231mm50 kg/m270mm
38m876 kg246mm46 kg/m284mm
39m836 kg261mm43 kg/m301mm
40m798 kg277mm40 kg/m318mm


50mmØ Super Heavy Duty (700kg) Eye Bolt Half-Coupler


50mmØ Super Heavy Duty (750kg) Half-Coupler with M12 Bolt

GT F104L500

F104 Rectangular 5.0m Linear Truss

GT F104L400

F104 Rectangular 4.0m Linear Truss

GT F104L300

weight 71.3kg

F104 Rectangular 3.0m Linear Truss

GT F104L250

F104 Rectangular 2.5m Linear Truss

GT F104L200

weight 50.5kg

F104 Rectangular 2.0m Linear Truss

GT F104L150

weight 29.7kg

F104 Rectangular 1.5m Linear Truss

GT F104L100

weight 19.3kg

F104 Rectangular 1.0m Linear Truss


weight 26.9kg

F104 Cube Junction with Socket Connectors on 2 Sides