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F102 Folding Truss

F102 Folding Truss

F102 Folding Truss Linear Lengths

GT F102L3003.0 m56.2 kg
GT F102L2002.0 m43.5 kg
GT F102L1001.0 m29.2 kg
GT F102L0500.5 m15.5 kg

F102 Certified Load Ratings

Maximum CPL
Maximum Distributed Load
3m2,823 kg0mm985 kg/m0mm
4m2,794 kg1mm723 kg/m1mm
5m2,767 kg2mm569 kg/m1mm
6m2,738 kg3mm467 kg/m2mm
7m2,709 kg5mm395 kg/m3mm
8m2,682 kg8mm341 kg/m5mm
9m2,653 kg11mm299 kg/m7mm
10m2,539 kg15mm266 kg/m10mm
11m2,295 kg18mm239 kg/m13mm
12m2,090 kg22mm216 kg/m17mm
13m1,915 kg26mm197 kg/m22mm
14m1,765 kg30mm181 kg/m27mm
15m1,633 kg34mm167 kg/m33mm
16m1,517 kg39mm155 kg/m40mm
17m1,414 kg45mm144 kg/m48mm
18m1,321 kg50mm134 kg/m56mm
19m1,238 kg56mm126 kg/m66mm
20m1,162 kg63mm116 kg/m76mm
21m1,092 kg69mm104 kg/m84mm
22m1,029 kg77mm94 kg/m93mm
23m970 kg84mm84 kg/m101mm
24m915 kg92mm76 kg/m110mm
25m865 kg101mm69 kg/m120mm
26m817 kg110mm63 kg/m131mm
27m773 kg120mm57 kg/m141mm
28m731 kg130mm52 kg/m152mm
29m692 kg140mm48 kg/m165mm
30m654 kg151mm44 kg/m177mm
31m619 kg163mm40 kg/m189mm
32m586 kg175mm37 kg/m204mm
33m554 kg188mm34 kg/m218mm
34m523 kg201mm31 kg/m231mm
35m494 kg215mm28 kg/m244mm
36m466 kg229mm26 kg/m261mm


50mmØ Super Heavy Duty (700kg) Eye Bolt Half-Coupler


50mmØ Super Heavy Duty (750kg) Half-Coupler with M12 Bolt

GT F102L300

weight 56.2kg

F102 Folding 3.0m Linear Truss

GT F102L200

weight 43.5kg

F102 Folding 2.0m Linear Truss

GT F102L100

weight 29.2kg

F102 Folding 1.0m Linear Truss

GT F102L050

weight 15.5kg

F102 Folding 0.5m Linear Truss

GT F102J41

F102 Truss 4 Way ‘X’ Junction

GT F102J35

F102 Truss 3 Way ‘T’ Junction

GT F102J21

F102 Truss 2 Way 90° Corner