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Adam Hall Hardware & More

Adam Hall Hardware

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Adam Hall Case Fittings

AH HW-410462

weight 0.12kg

Heavy Duty Ball Corner

AH HW-038220

weight 0.28kg

F34 Truss Stacker

AH HW-3783

Recessed 58mmØ Corner Castor

AH HW-37451S

Recessed 75mmØ Corner Castor

AH HW-37450S

Recessed 80mmØ Corner Castor

AH HW-372191

weight 1.05kg

100mmØ Blue Swivel Castor w/ Brake

AH HW-372151

weight 0.79kg

100mmØ Blue Swivel Castor

AH HW-270837

weight 0.45kg

Lid Stay (Large) w/ Hinge and Click-Stop Function

AH HW-270836

weight 0.47kg

Lid Stay (Large) w/ Hinge

AH HW-270755

weight 0.39kg

Lid Stay w/ Hinge Click-Stop Function and Rivet Protection

AH HW-270746

weight 0.39kg

Lid Stay w/ Hinge and Rivet Protection

AH HW-172535

weight 0.44kg

Butterfly Latch (Split-Lid)

AH HW-172511

weight 0.47kg

Butterfly Latch (Large)

AH HW-002002

weight 0.02kg

Universal Dividing Wall Rail

AH HW-087991

weight 3.92kg

Telescopic Table Leg Set (730-1180mm)

AH HW-087988L

weight 0.07kg

Spring-Loaded Table Connecting Stud

AH HW-087987

weight 0.02kg

Receptacle for Table Mounting Stud

AH HW-087971

weight 0.2kg

Cable Channel Dish

AH HW-87402T

Universal 19" Dividing Wall Comb Panel 

AH HW-38090

Quick Release Castor Plate


AH HW-37551S

Recessed 75mm Edge Mount Castor


AH HW-37501S

Surface Mount 75mmø Corner Castor


AH HW-17460

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Combination Lock Latch 101x105x12mm


AH HW-088200

Clear Window Rear Label Dish


AH HW-041012

Large Heavy Duty Ball Corner 3-leg


AH HW-038085R

weight 0.36kg

Castor Plate (Polyamide) Black - Right

AH HW-038085L

weight 0.36kg

Castor Plate (Polyamide) Black - Left

AH HW-03783

Recessed 58mmø Edge Castor


AH HW-034041

weight 0.34kg

Case Edge Handle

AH HW-027096

weight 0.22kg

Lid Stay (Medium) w/ Hinge and Click Stop

AH HW-017500

weight 0.44kg

ClapLock Road Case Latch

AH HW-017373S

weight 0.1kg

Small Butterfly Latch w/ Spring

AH HW-017284P

weight 0.26kg

Butterfly Latch (Medium) Padlockable

AH HW-017284

weight 0.26kg

Butterfly Latch (Medium)

AH HW-017202

2U Butterfly Latch 45x110x10mm


AH HW-008795

Bar Code Scanning Window

AH HW-008791

weight 0.1kg

Ventilation Dish (Horizontal)

AH HW-004292

weight 0.02kg

Mounting Bracket for Dividing Walls

AH HW-002807

weight 0.55kg

Toolbox Insert

AH HW-002642

weight 0.01kg

L-Shaped Hinge (Small)

AH HW-002641

weight 0.02kg

L-Shaped Hinge (Large)

AH HW-002640

weight 0.02kg

L-Shaped Hinge (Steel Galvanised)

Adam Hall Truss Accessories

AH HW-038220

weight 0.28kg

F34 Truss Stacker