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Design Quintessence started trading in 1996 as a design and presentation service for the entertainment lighting and sound industry. It was soon after Ian Wood started the company that he got “stumped” whilst designing an exhibition stand truss structure. “There seemed to be a shortage of ‘designer-friendly’ truss available locally that would allow you to build a circle, let alone any sort of unusual structure … something different,” Ian explains. “I had seen plenty of interesting structures built overseas so the limitation was mainly local supply.” In 1997 DQ started to manufacture MEC Truss, an English truss, under licence, to fill the void that appeared to exist in the Australian market. MEC, or “Meccano for big boys and girls” as it was named by designer Roland Sollner, was a lighter duty truss that comprised many standard pieces and allowed the user to design and build a myriad of shapes and forms. It was particularly popular for exhibition and display use.

Following changes in the market place both internationally and locally, in 2002 DQ sought out and found a new truss brand to distribute, Global Truss. The Global Truss organisation evolved from a long established truss manufacturer in Holland, arguably the truss manufacturing capital of the world, and the impetus of a group of international shareholders. The appeal for DQ was that the truss was incredibly versatile, well-priced, extremely well-made and, critically, was independently tested and TÜV certified. This was really the beginning of a new era for Design Quintessence as they evolved from being a supplier of truss for a niche market within Australia to being one of Australia’s leading suppliers of truss and related staging equipment. In turn, Global Truss has grown to be one of the top 5 truss manufacturers in the world. 2011_DQ_15th_Birthday_1

Since 2002, DQ has continued to expand, building their portfolio of brands many of which grown from obscurity to “household” name brands within the industry.

In 2003 they took on VMB from Spain on board, Europe’s leading lifter manufacturer and original designer of the Towerlift as we know it today.

Road cases were then added to the range when DQ developed and began importing the Encore brand of cases in 2004. Focussing on the professional end of the market they wanted to develop a product that was durable and affordable. Encore has been a very successful road case range evidenced by the many you will see at any production happening all across Australia

Further brands accumulated over the next five years including Curtain Call telescopic drape supports, Sentinel cable crossovers, Concertina staging systems, and Dirty Rigger gloves and accessories.

The company has always maintained their design capabilities, “Much of our brand distribution is driven by client requests. We are always designing new or custom products specifically to provide a solution,” Ian Wood comments.

Today DQ has warehouses and offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne and carries the largest inventory of truss and staging equipment sales stock in the country. They have a team of long-serving, dedicated staff who pride themselves on customer service. Even after all these years, they are still looking to improve their service.


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