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Encore Cases

DQ was receiving requests from many existing customers to consider distributing road cases and in 2005 they started importing the Encore brand. There was a need for good quality, economical road cases to be carried in stock so people could buy them as and when they needed them. They focused on a robust range using heavier duty hardware than the other imported brand and developed a whole bunch of their own designs, or modified existing designs, specifically to suit our market. As a result, it is a very common site to see an assortment of Encore road cases at any gig from Sydney to Perth and all stops in between. To quote several of DQ’s customers, “There are Encore cases everywhere.”

Custom Design

Our in-house custom design service extends to the Encore road case brand and a significant share of our road case sales can be attributed to our custom-made cases. Full 3D designs help our customers visualise their special order before it is built which helps to highlight any design amendment that we or they feel may be necessary.
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