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Global Truss

Inaugurated in 2002 through the partnership of a small assembly of international shareholders, the Global Truss brand moved production from its Dutch headquarters to a factory in Shenzhen, China. This was a bold move at the time but was one that soon paid dividends as Global Truss went on to become one of the top five truss manufacturers in the world. The new entity was only six months old when Design Quintessence became a Global Truss distribution partner for the Australian market in late 2002. DQ was immediately attracted to the large Global Truss product range, competitive pricing, quality of manufacture and, most importantly, their independent testing and TÜV certification. DQ has grown alongside the Global Truss company and is now one of the top three distributors in the Global Truss product range in the world. This is a reflection of how well established the brand has become in the Australian market.
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Hoecker Marquee F34 Truss Baby Tower  F23 DJ Arch

Product Lines:

F01 50mm Tubes F14 Tiny Truss  
F23 Mini Truss F24 Mini Truss  
F32 Flat Truss   F33 Tri Truss F34 Square Truss
A33 300mm Truss A34 300mm Truss  
F42P Flat Truss F43P Tri Truss F44P Square Truss
F52 Folding Truss F54 Square Truss  
F102 Folding Truss F104 Square Truss  
Accessories Base Plate
Truss Bags
Ground Support Speaker Tower Rigging
Furniture Presentation Crowd Barriers
Performer Stage