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Chameleon Touring Systems installs Global Truss mothergrid at Brisbane Riverstage

The Brisbane Riverstage, owned and run by Brisbane City Council, has contracted Chameleon Touring Systems to provide a truss mothergrid for a long term rental installation.  With higher rigging demands and an increasing number of shows being staged at Riverstage, Brisbane City Council needed a fixed solution rather than the temporary hired truss solution that they were previously using.

Chameleon Touring Systems contacted Design Quintessence and together designed a mothergrid solution using F54 and F44P Global Truss that increases the loading capacity and makes the installation of trusses for lighting and vision far easier and more efficient. 

Technical Drawing

The 17.3mW by 11.6mD truss structure uses over 130m of F54 truss along with 24m of F44P to provide rigging points across the stage with a trim height of 7.6m. The support for the grid is from five suspension points along the front edge of the grid with five ground support legs at the rear, two on the stage level and 3 that sit on the roof deck. This layout maximises the loading capacity to handle larger shows and gives access for riggers to climb onto and move about the grid while installing points.

Chameleon Touring Systems said, “The design services from DQ were invaluable in meeting the design needs of this project. We had a short lead time to work out the design and deliver the truss structure and DQ was very helpful in meeting those deadlines. 

The mothergrid saves a lot of time as a permanent install which is a great cost saving for the venue as they don’t need to allocate a day either side of an event to install and remove a temporary truss grid.

We’ve also added loadcells to the front rigging points which allows us to monitor loads as they are attached to the grid ensuring that we are within the engineering limits of the structure.”



Riverstage has already had artists such as Lorde, The Chainsmokers, Panic! At the Disco and J Cole, to name a few, perform at the venue. Brisbane also held Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols 2017.