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Entertainment Rigging Workshop


For the first time ever, Design Quintessence is hosting two ONE DAY investigating performance of truss subjected to the rigours of Entertainment Rigging workshops in Sydney and Perth


Join us, as there is a strictly limited number of seats, for an opportunity to participate in a range of rigging topics:

The Engineering of Truss elements, shapes, types, bracing, materials, welding, load paths

Practical use of Truss inspection, load types, reading load tables, suspension, truss as towers, effect of wind loads

Truss lifting hoists (classification, understanding how they work and their operation, servicing requirements) 

Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide

Exploring Ideas and Exploding Myths cantilevered loads, multiple point pick-ups, circles and grids, truss orientations, continuity of bracing 

All input, queries and comments are highly valued and encouraged throughout the workshop.

Nick Barnfield Marco Stuve Roderick van Gelder

Nick Barnfield


Marco Stuve

Global Truss

Roderick van Gelder

Stage Safety

This workshop will be professionally run and lead by Nick Barnfield of ShowQuip Ltd from New Zealand,

with special guest speakers Marco Stuve of Global Truss

and Roderick van Gelder of Stage Safety.

Programme Flyer

It’s an opportunity to ask questions from a few of the most experienced brains in the industry!


Disclaimer: This is not a certified course.